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Environment sensors

2.99 usd

Environment sensors - application combining thermometer, hygrometer, barometer and light meter. Allows you to measure the temperature and humidity of the ambient air, atmospheric pressure, as well as the level of illumination. Works on devices equipped with appropriate sensors (Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3).The main feature of the program is to display current temperature, humidity, pressure and illuminance in the status bar.The application window contains four tabs: air temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure and illuminance. Navigation between tabs by using horizontal scrolling. The program displays the current sensors readings, readings dynamics (growth /decline) and a chart for a certain period of time.If device has not any sensor, then the appropriate tab application will display information about it.Key Features:• Wide range of units of measurement (temperature: °C, °F, K; humidity: %, g /cbm; pressure: mmHg, hPa, mbar, inHg , Illuminance: Lux);• Display changes readings from sensors in the form of a graph for a certain period of time (from 6 hours to 1 month);• Setting min. and max. values on the ordinate;• Display of the dynamics of change of sensor readings (growth/decline ) for a certain period of time (from 6 to 48 hours) ;• Display sensor readings in the status bar;• Change the color and size of the icons in the status bar;• Ability startup icons;• Ability to view information about the sensors installed in the device (name, manufacturer, current consumption, resolution, etc.);• Flexible application settings (measurement units, correction of readings, normal value, notification setting, chart settings);• Flexible color settings (color of the application window, interface color, tabs header color, indicators color, charts color, etc.).Note! In the status bar temperature, humidity, pressure, and illuminance will be displayed only in °C, %, mmHg and lx respectively.Dear users, if you have any suggestions or comments to improve the program, please write about it on the developer E-Mail or in the comments.